Best Web App Development Software: JQuery Mobile


What is jQuery Mobile?

jQuery Mobile is a framework to build mobile websites, mobile web applications or even native applications if used with tools like PhoneGap. You can even build desktop apps with jQuery Mobile if you wish. Simply put,  jQuery Mobile is just a user interface framework — nothing less, nothing more. It uses jQuery’s core framework as a requirement, but definitely doesn’t replace it. It’s a UI layer on top of it.

jQuery Mobile is a framework that delivers Web app experiences to mobile and tablet devices, mainly ones with touch interfaces; it is effort-less and multi-platform, and it uses only HTML5 standard code. That last bit is important: to define our user interface, we use only semantic HTML5 code — no JavaScript code, no jQuery code. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you will never use JavaScript or jQuery in a mobile Web app. But you are not forced to unless you want to create typical JavaScript behaviors, such as event handling and dynamic content loading. Click for a quick demo of many of the features and functions.


jQuery Mobile  is truly multi-platform:

View the supported Platforms Here

Being truly multi-platform was one of the most important criteria we look for in selecting the web app solution.   jQuery Mobile has broad support for the vast majority of all modern desktop, smartphone, tablet, and e-reader platforms. jQuery Mobile can help in the following circumstances:

  • Different screen sizes, pixel densities (DPI) and orientations;
  • Different compatibility in terms of HTML5 and CSS3;
  • New platforms appearing every couple of months (if you don’t believe me, Windows 8, Firefox OS and BlackBerry 10 will all start to make moves in 2013);
  • Saves you from dozens of hacks that are needed to implement for each platform and to update almost every couple of months when a new browser appears.

jQuery Mobile is Easy to use:

First try designing a JQuery Mobile interface using the free codiqa editor on You will see that you can start to design your layout with just Drag and Drop on

If you know basic HTML, they you will feel comfortable with jQuery Mobile since it is tag driven, which is different then others such as Sench Touch which is completely done it JavaScript code.


 jQuery Mobile has STRONG community support:

Another reason that make jQuery Mobile great for the Armenian IT industry is that is a huge community and ecosystem around jQuery Mobile. Most of it is FREE and will help to learn & deploy your app quickly. In addition to a wide selection of books, there are Apps & Frameworks, Plugins, Extensions, Tools, Themes, Articles & Tutorials all conveniently collected in the Resources area of jQuery Mobile.


 jQuery Mobile has a built in Theme management system

jQuery Mobile has several built-in theme swatches you can use. You can also go online and try out the theme roller to create you own custom themes with little to no understanding of CSS or HTML. Just look at the simple interface:

jQuery Mobile has a GREAT Gallery of apps to explore

There are hundreds of popular web sites and apps built with jQuery Mobile out today from around the world. You can view many of them in the  jQM Gallery . This will allow you to see what are the possibilities and maybe give you an idea to launch you own app. It is important for the Armenian Information Technology industry to also search for the trends around the world.


Most Important: jQuery Mobile is FREE and OPEN source

Given the limited budgets of many organizations and start-ups, jQuery offers free and robust options that are gaining traction all around the world. Armenian IT firms should get on the train and utilize this incredible solution.

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