Great Mobile App Development Tools for Armenia

Mobile app development is a really interesting and creative business, which can help you make money. Many useful tools for creating mobile apps are present out there, and the number is increasing day by day. Most Armenian companies use native development languages like Objective C or iOS  and Java.  Both developers doing outsourcing work or creating their own product, will find these tools quite helpful.

Remember the key to software development is productivity. These tools, and the winners,  not only make the task of developing apps easy, but also quick. Given the shortage of trained professionals in mobile development, these tools will give you a great advantage: ease of Use. It is important to realize that getting your app done as quick as possible, under budget and with full features is most important. How are you going to do that when you currently spend all you time teaching Objective C and Java to new hires? Another issue is what are you going to do when your programmers quit to start their own firm after you have spent 2 years training them?

Mobile App Development Tools for Armenians

So we have created a list of the Best Mobile App Development Tools for Armenians. Using these tools you would be able to create really efficient cross-platform mobile apps. We hope that you will find this list useful. So check the list out and pick the tools that you like the best.



Price: $79 per month; It is available for free if you let them place ads in your app

This one is a great online tool that allows creating content-centered mobile apps. They also boast a great service that lets you distribute the app you created in various app stores. Importing RSS feeds which AppMakr packages into a mobile-optimized app is also possible. You do not require any advanced programming knowledge for creating apps while using this tool, but having some knowledge of HTML and CSS would prove to be useful. You can also add custom HTML in your app.



Price: It has two plans – Standard (Free); and Enterprise (Paid)

MobileNation is an easy to use online tool with drag-and-drop feature which makes designing mobile apps quite handy.  It is compatible with almost all the modern browsers. Experts and amateur developers will both find this tool really useful. After you are done creating your app, MobileNation will also help you publish it to different app stores, Google Play Marketplace, or any other website of your choice.

Sencha Touch 2

sencha touch

Price: Free for commercial and open source licenses; Paid OEM license is also available

Do you have the basic knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript? If so, then you would find this tool really handy for creating apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry. This tool is required to be installed on your PC (Windows/Mac/Linux). It also requires a web server that runs locally on your PC.



Price: Free

It is an awesome open source tool that acts as a bridge between individual mobile OS SDKs and the common development practices. This tool can support multiple mobile OS, such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, WebOS and Symbian. It allows creating mobile apps with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript; and has the ability of packaging your work for specific mobile OS. The best part is that this tool has direct integration with Dreamweaver. This framework makes mobile app development even handier and quicker.



Price: $25-100 per month

If you wish to create simple content based mobile apps easily and quickly, then this handy online tool would be perfect for you. This tool is compatible with almost all modern browsers and has a really easy to use interface which allows creating pages for your app having RSS feeds from blogs or social media sites. You also have the choice of adding custom content with HTML and CSS.



Price:  $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

Magmito makes creating apps extremely easy and quick. It allows building really cool apps without requiring any programming knowledge whatsoever – thanks to their user-friendly interface. It boasts a nice collection of templates. It also offers free promotion of your app via Facebook, Twitter; or distribution to various app stores.

appMobi XDK

appmobi XDK

It is a nice free cloud-based tool and is available as a Google Chrome plug-in. It allows developing and hosting your mobile app, as well as distributing it in various app stores. This tool also has some extra features such as push notifications and e-commerce solutions which can be used for enhancing your mobile app.



Price: $9.99 per month; It is available for free if you let them place ads in your app

As the name suggests, this tool lets you build mobile apps. It features a really nice collection of templates for various types of apps. It has many amazing features that you will find helpful while creating app, including e-commerce options and a method of embedding web pages inside your app. This tool also boasts a SOAP web service that makes creating, retrieving, updating or deleting content possible. You can also get your app featured in iBuildApp gallery.