LiveCode Issue - May 2014

So why is an Armenian tech magazine writing about LiveCode? It is very simple: there are more computer science jobs opening up every day in Armenia than people to fill those positions! In Europe, there are as many as 700,000 unfilled ICT jobs. This is a global phenomenon. You need to know how to code if you want to play in the game in the future. This digital magazine believes LiveCode is your fastest ticket to a job… or your own startup! Here is why:

  • LiveCode is a multi-platform development environment (this means you code only once and can deploy your software across platforms (such as Windows, Android, iOS and MacOS) and devices (desktops, tablets and smartphones).
  • It allows educators, small businesses and individuals to quickly learn and develop apps much easier and faster than other development environments. It has an English-like coding language, drag-drop interface and compile-free coding.
  • It is being adopted to teach programming by more than 25% of High Schools in Scotland and many universities around the world.
  • It is used also by both large and small companies to achieve true Rapid Application Development.
  • Being open source and having a free community version allows a country like Armenia to move into the creative and technology economy quickly will low cost.