Interview with Rekwired Armenia

“Years ago it was clear WordPress would attract global market” (Young Armenian freelance developers).
As we mentioned in our previous articles, the third issue of is dedicated to WordPress and to its usage in Armenia.  Besides interviewing a company which uses WordPress to meet the demands of its clients,  we wanted  bring you the perspective of the user side. So we talked to young freelancers who are also the founders of  Rekwired Armenia project to learn more about the use of this world known as Content Management System (CMS) in Armenia. is always ready to bring you the opinions of different professionals.This time we spoke to Nelly Aghabekyan and Gayane Aghababyan, who have three years of experience as freelance developers and are already doing wonders. Tell us more about your experience as freelance developers?

Gayane Aghababyan: Both Nelly and I have more than three years of experience in this field. When we met during our joint project,, we were already doing business as freelance developers. We both are educated here in Armenia. What are the products/services you offer as freelancers?

Nelly Aghabekyan: We mostly offer websites based on WordPress. We develop plugins, projects, etc. My main market is the USA and Gayane is mostly catering the Australian market. It is very difficult to enter the Armenian market as people here prefer to do business with companies rather than individual developers. So we are concentrating on offers from abroad.Today’s demand for what we are doing is something interminable. We do this job and we are sure we always will be in demand.

Nelly Aghabekyan: There are a lot of web sites which help the freelancers to find a job. I myself use and Gayane prefers In Armenia employers find us with the help of friends and acquaintances. How did you hear about WordPress and why did you choose it?

Nelly Aghabekyan: It was almost at the same time when Gayane and me decided to choose WordPress as our main CMS. We both were working in this field. I was a beginner and Gayane had some experience. Being aware of modern trends of global IT, we chose WordPress. But it was not a casual choice. In 2009 there were three main CMSs which were FREE and were growing: WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. The last one was in a semi-developed condition with bad plugins. Joomla was more developed, but it’s augmentation was not that good. Many developers all over the world were developing the plugins and the templates for WordPress. Ir was clear that in some years it would attract more and more attention from the global market. What WordPress features do you like most?

Nelly Aghabekyan: It is free, fast and flexible. In a day the developer can create a web site and get paid. What aspects you don’t like about WordPress?

Gayane Aghababyan: WordPress was developed as a blogging platform by its creators. Today there are many useful plugins (developed by user/programmers) which we can’t use because of some security issues.

Nelly Aghabekyan: But  in general  we can’t say its security is unreliable. We never hear such complaints or opinions. We think it is a matter of hosting and not the CMS itself. What about e-commerce web sites? Is WordPress appropriate for such cases?

Nelly Aghabekyan: WordPress itself does not offer e-commerce plugins. But there are free plugins developed by other developers that can handle e-commerce. Some have some limitations but the developer can buy them or create his/her own. I even know some auction web sites developed fully based on WordPress. So having worked on it properly, the developer can create any website   using WordPress as the base platform. Can you state that WordPress is your main tool to do your business and to make money?

Nelly Aghabekyan: Surely. It is using WordPress that we create websites. Also it is the only CMS we use and advise our clients to do the same. It is surely our main tool, and we advise it to young professionals and students who are taking their first steps. What examples of  web sites and projects do you have based on WorsPress CMS?

Nelly Aghabekyan:

Gayane Aghababyan: So tell us about your joint project, How did it start?  Who is the team working on it and what plans do you have for the future?

Gayane Aghababyan: The idea was born in 2009. I had returned from Italy. There I was acquainted with people who listened to Indie music. Coming back to Armenia, we decided to create a web site which would propagate independent music. So during the launching party we met with Nelly and other team  members. Also people appeared who agreed to writing articles and news about Indie music. Today we managed to turn it to a web site instead of a blog. We have it in two languages. We are active in social platforms. The experience in radio showing helped us to develop large both a large community and an audience. Thank you Gayane and Nelly! We wish you all the best.

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