Interview with “Digital Pomegranate” company co-founders met the great team of Digital Pomegranate at Digitec Expo 2013. As we are doing the new freelancing issue, it was quite interesting to hear new methods and ways of freelancing especially for Gyumri people. Enjoy the interview and see how it can help you. First, congratulations on the newly launched company. is proud to be one of first sources to spread the word.
On June you announced the logo competition for Digital Pomegranate, which you were calling a project. Now it grew into a company and everybody is interested in finding out what it is. How can you define Digital Pomegranate in three sentences?

Digital Pomegranate team: Digital Pomegranate is

  1. A “all in one” solution toolkit that builds helps small businesses build their online presence efficiently – in less time and less money.

  2. A digital marketplace where people receive free proper training and can find demand for their creative services from small businesses all over the world

  3. A movement that is aimed at empowering people through job creation, allowing them to earn a sustainable living How was the idea born and who brought their contribution to its implementation? What is the story behind this initiative?
Digital Pomegranate team:
The idea was born after a lot of research and experimentation. We can brake it down in two steps. First, we researched what were the global megatrends and what needs would emerge from them. Second, we tried to find elements in Gyumri that would be able to cater to such needs.
Regarding the first step, all the data pointed to a huge growth in demand for online services as everyone becomes connected and mobile. We then saw a gap in the market, in which small businesses did not have an online presence that was matching the ones of big businesses or that provided a good experience for customers. Additionally, we saw many small businesses succeeding had a solid online presence and successfully engaged with their customers (using many channels such as social media, e-mail marketing, newsletters, etc, thus providing a better customer experience than the competition. Then, when we asked small businesses what were their online needs, everyone wanted the same things (all the features like blogging, eCommerce, etc). But then they said something else: “I don’t have time to manage my website, I have to focus on my business”. When we told them we were thinking about not only building their website but also helping them maintain them and make they opened a big smile!
The second step was a mix of research and experimentation. After a number of interactions with people from Gyumri, we saw the great artistic potential in people that do not have a channel, a marketplace in which to put their talent to work.
Our a-ha moment was when we connected both worlds: why not supply the demands of small businesses with the creative talent of people in Gyumri and in Armenia? That’s our story. Can you introduce the partners and give us a little background?
Digital Pomegranate team: The combination of partners in the venture is unique. We have a software engineer, a marketer and a financier. An interesting mix of people that have come together to make a difference. We believe to have found the perfect alignment needed for such ambitious goals that we have set for ourselves. What are the fundamental objectives of the project and of launching the Armenian software company?
Digital Pomegranate team: Our goal is to cater to the demands of small businesses through the artistic and creative talent of the people in Gyumri, thus providing them with a sustainable living. A good analogy here is to compare us with a bridge that connects supply and demand. What was your vision at the beginning and what is it for now?
Digital Pomegranate team: Our vision has changed little over time. Is to create tech enabled jobs in Gyumri, Armenia. By empowering people with a sustainable living we are creating true economic impact. Your winner was a nice pomegranate shaped logo with a QR code in it. How this corresponds to your vision?
Digital Pomegranate team: 
We chose the pomegranate as our symbol as it is said that there are hundreds of seeds in it. For us, the seeds represent the ideas, and how we can grow those seeds into more and more pomegranates. Who is your target market and why they will choose your product?
Digital Pomegranate team: Our solution is unique as it addresses major gaps not only in terms of features but also as services:

  • We build websites that are multidevice and with easy-to-adjust functionality.

  • Besides building, we help small businesses maintain their websites over time with tailored services

  • We do all this virtually, in a way designed for people who otherwise would not have access to the demands of the global marketplace You always mention in your presentations, materials that a tool was designed especially to cater the needs of Gyumri people. What are the specifications that you take into account while creating the tool?
Digital Pomegranate team: Our research and experience taught us that people in Gyumri have great potential. They are creative, have a positive attitude, a desire to learn, a strong education and are entrepreneurial. All the elements that made Gyumri thrive in the past are present today, except for one: a marketplace where people can put their talent to work. So we decided to literally create the missing ingredient, a virtual marketplace, for the benefit of people in Gyumri who really want to make a difference in their lives. What is your next step after launching the company and what are the short time goals?
Digital Pomegranate team: Now we are working to finish our product technically. Besides we are launching our marketplace on November 15. Talented people from Armenia, especially from Gyumri, will be invited to join our network as graphic designers and to provide demanded services for small and medium businesses all over the world. Our team wishes you success and will be happy to contribute and spread the word for the sake of true economice development. 

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