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iGyumri is a new conference focused on making Gyumri a prosperous international technology focused city. We are bringing together local and international entrepreneurs, investors, educators, students and industry leaders to collaborate and support innovation in Gyumri. This will be achieved through a broad range of panels, including business workshops, investment pitches, networking sessions, and discussions.

March 22, 2014

Venue Location:
Gyumri Technology Center
Guy st. 1, Gyumri, Armenia

World Movie Premiere

The documentary movie “Gyumri: Epicenter for Change” will have it’s world premiere at the iGyumri conference. This film tells the incredible story of how technology and creativity are being used to rebuild the city.


Keynote Speaker

Todd Fabacher
Digital Pomegranate

Having lived and created software around the world in countries such as USA, France, Tunisia, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and China, Todd has one goal in mind - making Gyumri an true tech hub and creating thousands of skilled jobs. An Industrial Engineer by training, he will speak about the applications being developed by Digital Pomegranate in Gyumri, industry trends and how startups can become successful.


Berge Ayvazian

Berge Ayvazian
4G Industry Analyst
Conference Chair & Senior Editor, UBM Tech

Berge Ayvazian joined UBM Tech as a Senior Consultant on the Heavy Reading team in 2010, following more than 20 years as a senior telecom industry analyst and strategy consultant with Yankee Group where he served as CEO, CRO and CSO. As an industry analyst and consultant, Ayvazian leads an integrated practice to help operators to develop their 4G technology roadmaps in mobile RAN, backhaul, Wi-Fi offload, packet core, cloud and hosted service platforms. Ayvazian is the Program Director and Conference Chair of UBM Tech’s Tower & Small Cell Summit and 4G World conferences in the US and India.  He also serves a frequent speaker at other telecom industry events worldwide.


Conference Agenda

Registration 11:30
Welcome 12:00
Keynote 12:15
internationalGYUMRI 12:30
innovateGYUMRI 13:15
investGYUMRI 14:00
Break & Networking Event 14:45
internetGYUMRI 15:15
informGYUMRI 16:00
Movie Premier 17:00
Networking Event + After Party 17:45

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Given Armenia’s domestic market size, a global focus is a must for Gyumri’s new tech startups. Marketing, brand building, language and a focus on non traditional markets will ensure your success. Our panel will provide you with tips and task to what you need for your successful startup and reach customers around the world.

Edson Monteiro
Ambassador to Armenia
Federative Republic of Brazil

Speaker Bio

Ambassador Monteiro is working on increasing trade relations and cooperation between Brazil and Armenia countries in technology and other areas such as agriculture, health and industrial level cooperation. He joined the Brazilian diplomatic staff in Manila - Philippines (1976), Los Angeles, as Deputy-Consul General (1980), Canberra - Australia (1983), Brussels - Belgium (1992), Beijing - China (1998) and Dili in East Timor (2008).

John A. Heffern
Ambassador to Armenia
United States of America

Speaker Bio

Ambassador Heffern, a career member of the Senior Foreign Service, most recently served as the Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) at USNATO, Brussels. He has previously served as DCM in Jakarta, Indonesia and Executive Assistant to the Undersecretary for Political Affairs.  Other previous posts include:  USNATO; Tokyo; Malaysia Desk Officer in Washington; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Abidjan, Ivory Coast; and Guangzhou, China.

Armen Shahnazaryan
Director of D-Link Armenia

Speaker Bio

Learn why Taiwan based D-Link, the global leader in networking [with 33% of the total market share in Wi-Fi products], has chosen Gyumri as one of it’s primary global research centers. The advantages that Gyumri offer such an international company.

Yevgeni Konyshev
Consul General of the Russian Federation
Gyumri, Armenia

Speaker Bio

Mr. Konyshev holds the diplomatic rank of counselor of the first class. He joint the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in 1982 after graduating from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. Mr. Konyshev was the Minister-Counsellor of the Russian Embassy in the Democratic Republic of Congo and has held different posts both in Russia and abroad.


/inəˌvāt/ verb - To make changes in something established by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.

How do we design entire ecosystems to drive entrepreneurship, technology, and economic impact for Gyumri? Join our panel  – along with your fellow participants  as we connect, learn, debate and create an innovative ecosystem for Gyumri together. This session will provide a tremendous forum for collaboration among our experts and community leaders with the most inventive and thought-provoking programs from around the world.


Aleksey Manukyan
Art Therapist
Contemporary Artist

Speaker Bio

One of the premier contemporary artist in Gyumri, Aleksey has let the way in innovation and creativity. He is the coordinator of 5th Floor Cultural group in Gyumri and a cooperating participant in the Gyumri Biennale. Aleksey is also a participant of various international artistic projects.

Arman Atoyan
Founder, Creative Director
X-TECH Creative Studio

Speaker Bio

Arman has successfully found different startups in Armenia demonstrating deep expertise in IT solutions. His innovative approach, creative thinking and strategist skills make him a great leader. One example is, which received special recognition at the GITI 2012 Innovation Awards in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Yevah Hyusyan
Director of Armenia
Microsoft Innovation Center

Speaker Bio

Always being passionate about the startup movement in Armenia, Yeva has brought her experience in public and international organizations to foster new ideas at the Microsoft Innovation Center. She holds diploma from Yerevan State University, MBA from Maastricht University and a Certificate from Stanford Executive Institute.

Jacqueline Karaaslanian
Executive Director
Luys Education

Speaker Bio

Jacqueline worked with the founding members of the MIT Media Lab at its initial inception where she worked for over 25 years as Director of Special Projects for the Future of Learning Group and Media Fabrics Group. Since 2009 she has been living and working in Armenia were she heads the educational mission of the Luys Foundation.

Launch Your Startup @ iGyumri

Come learn about creating your own startup, how to get investments and the advantages of opening your business in Gyumri - Armenia’s new tech city. Upload you startup idea or business plan and let our experts give you the advice and advantage for success.

  • Upload your idea or business plan as a PDF before iGyumri conference so we can review it for you to give you the best advice. Make sure you include your contact information in your PDF.

Manuk Hergnyan
Managing Partner
Granatus Ventures

Speaker Bio

Manuk heads the first Venture Capital firm in Armenia to provide funding, expertise and networks to promising tech driven startups based in, or having core value-add activities in Armenia. He has an Executive MBA from University of Oxford and PHD in Economics from Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Hayk Asriyants
Head of Customer Experience

Speaker Bio

Hayk is a specialist in marketing, customer experience and sales. He is also the co-organizer of Armenia StartUp Cup, which has help launch new companies in Armenia for years. He has a Ph.D., Management and Economics from Yerevan State University.

Raffi Niziblian
Founder & Director
Deem Communications

Speaker Bio

Founding Deem almost eight years ago, Raffi was at the forefront and continues to be a leader in PR, branding, creative solutions, event management, marketing and product development in Armenia. From Montreal, Quebec, Raffi has an MA in Community Economic Development from Concordia University.

Misak Gharagyozyan
Gyumri Technology Center

Speaker Bio

Misak is the Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF)’s consultant as manager of the Gyumri Technology Center.  Misak previously worked as a consultant at the World Bank, the UN and USAID. He holds a BA in Mathematics from Mosocw State University, Lomonosow and an MBA from AUA.

Gyumri = Armenia’s Tech Hub of the Future

Hear from Armenia’s top professionals in the internet and technology business. Our speakers are at the forefront of developing and delivering critical technologies that are transforming Gyumri. Change is inevitable, but especially in the internet and mobile sectors. Learn from our panelist about options that are available and how Gyumri can become a true technology city.


Michel Davoudian
Apaga Technologies
Ozone Armeniate

Speaker Bio

Michel was one of the early pioneers in the IT services by co-founding Infodis Group in France 1985.  Since 2007, Michel has dedicated himself in developing IT Security services and Internet deployment in Gyumri and cities/villages of Shirak Region. This has enabled e-Learning and Teleworking for IT developers a reality in Armenia.

Vahagn Poghosyan
Co-Founder and CTO
Instigate CJSC
Instigate Robotics CJSC

Speaker Bio

After creating Armenia’s premier IT company Instigate CJSC, Vahagn because a serial entrepreneur created multiple startups such as ProximusDA, Amtokay, Instigate Mobile and his most recent Instigate Robotics. Vahagn has a  Ph.D in Computer Science from Yerevani Petakan Hamalsaran.

Gayane Ghandilyan
Director 0f Operations
Digital Pomegranate

Speaker Bio

Gayane will premier a new web development system by Gyumri’s own Digital Pomegranate. She will showcase their new incredible new tool that will change the way web sites for small businesses are developed in Armenia forever.

Ashot Tonoyan
Social Objects

Speaker Bio

At Social Objects, Ashot and his team create mobile, social and web-apps that rock! Ashot is diligent about projects management that covers the entire cycle, from concept to publishing. Most recently, Social Objects was selected as the developer of the OneArmenia Shift Tech project.

Tech Education = Tech City

The goal of the iGyumri conference is simple - to help make Gyumri a global tech city. The only way reach that goal is to educate thousands of people in the city. There are many different area of expertise in the IT industry, many different ways to learn technology and so many different tools to create web sites, mobile apps and graphics design.

Arik Shahumyan
CEO & Founder
Shahumyan Media & Academy

Speaker Bio

Arik has created Shahumyan Media is an award winning web design agency. Their service offerings include web design and development, usability, e-Marketing, iOS and Android application development, e-Commerce and SEO. More recently Arik has created and Shahumyan Academy to accelerate Armenia into a true technology society.

Amalya Eghoyan
Executive Director
Gyumri Information Technology Center

Speaker Bio

Amalya and the GITC have used tech education systems and strategies in Gyumri to create an incredible impact on economic development of Shirak region. Amalya is leading the way in linking tech education with entrepreneurial startups. She has shown that Gyumri can a hub for mixing creativity, education, technology and business.

Aram Hajian
College of Engineering
American University of Armenia

Speaker Bio

After working in the Biomechanics Group at Exponent, Dr. Hajian relocated to Armenia in 2000, where he has worked in a number of hi-tech, entrepreneurial and community positions. He received his Mechanical Engineering B.S. degree from Stanford University and M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Engineering Sciences from Harvard University.

Speaker Bio

The training center of information technologies founded at the campus in 1997 and is the pioneer and the leader in the wide application of information technologies in the region. The college has almost 1000 Undergraduate, Master and Postgraduate students; all instructed by 110 professors.

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