Start of Summer Session Courses in Gyumri IT Center

Gyumri Information Technologies Center’s (GITC) summer session courses began on July 1, 2013. The course will last 2 months. This summer, GITC is offering courses in English, math, computer engineering and programming basics.

The aim of these courses is to give the students chance to gain preliminary knowledge in the field of programming and help them in the orientation of their profession.

This year 35 students are participating in summer session courses, 27 of which are studying to apply for the two-year intensive IT program and the rest are participating in computer basics courses. After the courses, the students will take final exams and also enrollment exams. Those who participate only in summer courses will graduate at the end of August.

Every year GITC tries to improve its academic curriculum, offering the students advanced knowledge from the field of programming that will be adequate for today’s job-market.

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