Company Name-Gtech Solutions
Foundation Year-2010
Team message-We are a software professional services company that offers a full range of development services from concept to delivery.

Gtech was founded in Gyumri, Armenia in 2010 in order to
leverage the expertise and outsourcing potential of graduates from
the Gyumri Information Technologies Center (GITC), which was
established in 2005.

Under the leadership of Gtech’s highly-skilled technology and business management team, select GITC graduates are outsourced to development projects and/or brought into technology teams inside Armenia or internationally throughout the world.Given the number of projects sourced from the U.S., Gtech has an Off-Shore Development Director to coordinate the project with Armenia and maintain close communication with clients. This Off-Shore Director is an IT specialist with significant experience and a strong reputation in project management and information technology. Gtech works in collaboration with numerous Armenian and American high-tech companies and has developed numerous business partnerships. The growth of these partnerships is due not only to the growing need for technical expertise but Gtech and GITC’s strong positioning in the IT industry.