Gyumri Issue - January 2014

When an earthquake strikes, it can garner a lot of attention in the days and weeks that follow. What happens once the rest of the world stops paying attention? The city and people, affected by the quake, have to recover and rebuild a new life. Gyumri, Armenia was devastated and has struggled to rebuild itself ever since. Once a thriving city of 225,000+ people, today Gyumri has an unofficial population of around only 90,000 because many people have left primarily for economic reasons. We here at wanted to tell a different story – about Gyumri’s new Creative Economy. Most stories are focused on the tragedy and how Gyumri has been unable to recover because the journalists just come to the city with preconceived ideas and just focus on that. We looked a little deeper and found a different Gyumri. One bubbling with creative energy and major change.