Successful Web App & Cloud Based Startup in Armenia

After its first year of competion on ArmTech Congress 2013 was a part of another tech event in Yerevan. In this case it was the joint event with IT school foundation organized on October 9 at Best Western Congress Hotel. Todd Fabacher, Digital Pomegranate co-founder, IT entrepreneur, was invited as a guest speaker to cover the topic “How to create a successful web app and Cloud Based Startup in Armenia”. The open lecture was attended by more than 100 participants, among them professionals interested in interaction with the US specialist, students from IT and Leadership schools, and other young people.
Mr. Fabacher started with the popularity of responsive design and multi platform concept featuring the importence of responsive design in modern trends, including HTML 5, CSS 3 and others. The speaker introduced ideas on traditional page layout, CSS, HTML coding, grid galleries, etc, bringing forward the idea of having a ready framework. The discussion of the CMS systems
(Content Management System) was most engaging and interacive part of the presentations. To the question what is best about the CMS systems, the participants mentioned its easiness to update, its usability for non programmers, ready and free templates and addition functionality providing plugins.
Then the discussion continued on the choice of startup type, especially proper for Armenian beginner entrepreuners. Mr. Fabacher indicated the broad market of mobile games, though mentioning his own preference.”Mobile games market is huge, though it is not my business. I prefer SaaS, I think best model for Armenia is subscriptions, that is to say the client pays you each month”. This is also the way that Digital Pomegranate, the company created by Todd Fabacher and his team, works. The speaker introduced SaaS model advantages and listened to other ideas on creating a successful stratup in Armenia.

After discussing the technical aspect of startup foundation, the participants passed to the second part of the presentation, which was devoted to business aspect of it. As a successful businessman Mr. Fabacher indicated the importence of the idea. He continued his talk enlightening the concepts of niche market, customer relationships, team management, income management, etc.. Another important idea was the Content Marketing, which was recomended by Mr. Fabacher to pay attention to. He gave the example of the successful presentation named “WordPress as an Economic Development Tool for Armenia” by You can see the example here:
You can see the whole presentation downloading Start-Up file.
The last part of the event was devoted to Question/Answer session. Participants had the great chance to introduce themselves and to pose questions also to Mr. Mikael Djanian, finance specialist from Brazil, who is one of Digital Pomegranate co-founders. is happy to see IT school foundation as a partner organization. We all are sure our partnership will bring more bright spots to this growing sector of Armenian IT.
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