Gyumri Information Technologies Center

Gyumri Information Technologies Center (GITC) is an educational foundation in the Information Technology field. Since its establishment, the Center has decentralized the information technology market from Yerevan to Gyumri, which is in the northern part of Armenia, contributing to the strengthening of the economy and progress in the IT sector.

GTech Presents Sign Language Dictionary

First-year students at the Mobile Technologies Department completed a project called the Sign Language Dictionary with the assistance of instructor Suren Gharagyozyan. The aim of this project is to assist people with hearing disabilities. The unique program enables the user to enter an Armenian or English word on the computer and see both its verbal variant and its sign language equivalent.

The idea for writing this application came from Suren, who collaborated with a local Gyumri NGO called the AGATE Center, which helps women with special needs. Suren found it necessary to take on this project, given the fact that there is no such computerized dictionary and modern information technologies easily support such an effort.


Introducing GTech Direct

An innovative new approach to working with an Armenian software team

According to Jason Paul Kazarian, GTech Direct is a new concept in service delivery for the Business Development Unit (BDU) of GTech. It is a very innovative way of  offering contracted services from graduates of GTech without many of the difficulties.

First, your business does not hire a person, but a team of three. The graduates are assigned to your team based on a proven ability to work well together. So from the get-go, the team members “mesh” well together for accomplishing your project’s goals.

Second, this team is dedicated to your project. Your tasking receives the absolute highest possible priority. You’re not sharing resources with other projects.

Third, you manage this team directly. The team lead has good to excellent English speaking and writing skills. You communicate directly with one point of contact for all project-related issues. This drastically reduces overhead, resulting in lower rates for you.

Next, Left Brained Geeks, of which Jason is principal, performs contract administration and payment services on behalf of the GTech’s BDU. Your business makes payment to a US based, IRS registered entity, and proper accounting is performed so project expenses may be deducted if allowed by tax law.

Finally, and perhaps most important, the work of this team is guaranteed. If the team does not meet its quoted service delivery goals during the first thirty days of engagement, you receive a 100%, no questions asked refund. Period. Precious few other IT service delivery companies offer such a guarantee.

Also, while many business owners prefer a direct approach (for which GTech Direct is ideal), if no member of your organization is able to devote the time necessary, project management must be contracted as an additional expense. Fortunately, however, there are work-arounds for these issues. The GTech BDU can contract for small projects on a case-by-case basis. And a technical manager can be assigned to handle your project.

Contact Jason directly if GTech Direct makes sense for your project.

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