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Making Armenia into a world class Technology Hub

Welcome to our Premier Issue is a monthly online publication for the growing Armenian Technology industry, whether you already are working in the industry or just want to learn more. Each issue will contain full range of ideas from programming techniques & tutorials, interviews with the players, business articles, project overviews and galleries – providing the perfect platform from which to learn with and about the explosive growth happening in Armenia today.

We hope this online portal will become a gateway between Armenia and the world to learn and get inspiration from professionals about projects and ideas. Our goals are simple:

  • Be a communication tool for people involved or interested in the development of the IT sector/businesses in Armenia.
  • Be a source of information and data for people and companies studying investment opportunities in Armenia.
  • Provide general information and news regarding recent developments and trends of the global IT sector and in Armenia.
  • Our main goal is not easy but simple: To make Armenia into a world class technology hub.

We hope you make good use of it, participate and enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy writing it!

This post is also available in: Russian, Armenian

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