Why use LiveCode?

The number one question I am asked from both both professionals and beginners is “Why use LiveCode?”. For me the answer is as simple as the question: Because it is the most productive development tool that can produce the most effective Apps for all major platforms [Desktop: Windows, Mac, Linux + Mobile: iOS and Android + Web: Server Script] with array of App types such as Business, Games, eBooks and customs projects. Why use LiveCode? The answer is simple - PROFIT. I think a better question should be: How can I use LiveCode to create a successful software development organization? First, lets continue to ask more questions to get a better answer:

    1. How long does it take to learn LiveCode to be able to become a commercial developer? 16-20 weeks for beginners who will focus 4 hours a day learning LiveCode.
    2. Is it a LiveCode Software Development Platform? Yes.
    3. Is it a programming language and have an IDE? Yes.
    4. Does it have an interface design tool? Yes.
    5. What about fast prototyping? Defiantly, a strong point.


The ability to use one language for multi platforms and multi devises is the single largest reason to use LiveCode. There are several other options in the market today like PhoneGap, but trust me when I say they are not in the same league. Even XOJO, which uses the basic language which I like, does not compare the power of LiveCode. If you are looking to develop an App or Game, it is important that you have a product for each of the main markets: Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Just focusing on one will inhibit your business.

The Language: Purest vs. Practical

I actually learned to program in Assembly in the 1980s and have since added most languages from Pascal to SmallTalk to C++ to VB to .Net to Java to PHP. I will be the first to admit that once you get the basic concepts down it is not hard to learn another. But I quickly learned in my career that there are two types of programers: the purest and the practical. The purest are only interested in pure true languages like C or Java. Yes, there are advantages to these languages, but as I matured as a programer and as a businessman I have joined the practical camp. What is important is using a language that will get a great App out on budget and on time.

One of the problems with C and Java is that it gives the programer the flexibility to code in their own unique ways. But what I found as a business owner was that this was not for practical reasons, but for ego. Making code difficult to read was a sign of bravado, not good business. LiveCode allows me to teach programing to people who wish to learn , but don’t have to take 2 years out of their life to become professional programers. These people become loyal and greatful employees who over time actually become more productive and profitable then the purest. I want to be clear - I see software development as a business and for that reason, LiveCode is the best development system in the Market today.

If you liked Visual Basic, you are going to LOVE LiveCode

I have been programming for over 25+ years and have seen trends and languages come and go. But in the end, the important factor for a business to use a development tool comes down to it’s ability to use a system that can produce great Apps - on time and on budget that create a great user experience. If you can do that with a language that does not require 2 years of training why not?

Take for example, Visual Basic. Microsoft had it right, that is why they were able to get 1,000,000 developers using their tool to create fantastic software. The ability to use a simple basic language and switch between Developing and Runtime was BRILLIANT! But in typical Microsoft fashion, they lost the vision and have since suffered.LiveCode Running-Development switch In Live code there are two buttons that at first don’t seem to be powerful, but in terms of programming productivity are key. The left button is running mode which allows a programer to use and test hid App. The the right button is the development mode which allows the developer to design the UI and code the app. For the non-programmer this may not seem like something important, but to be able to modify the code while the program runs is HUGE. I assume that is why they call it LiveCode! In terms of the increase in productivity, it is worth it’s weight in gold.

In Conclusion…It’s Open Source and FREE

There is not much one can use to top that! It can be use in education and to train people without much expense. In countries like Armenia, this can make a big difference. Full disclosure: If you wish to use many of the extensions and deploy to iOS devices, you will need to purchase the $500 commercial version, but that is a small fee for such a productive tool for your business