Hot Armenian Tech News - March 2013


‘Robotics Starts From School’: New initiative set to develop ‘engineering thinking’ among students
Armenia Now
The Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE), in cooperation with VivaCell-MTS, Cronimet Charity Foundation, World Vision Armenia and Counterpart International Armenia, plan to set up robotics groups in 50 Armenian schools. The aim of this initiative is to raise interest among pupils towards robotics, develop their engineering thinking, as well as to prepare potential students for studying in technical universities.

Armenia participates in CeBiT 2013 tech fair
From March 5-9, Germany hosted CeBiT 2013 tech fair, with Locator, Instigate, X-Tech, LimeTech and representatives of the association of newly-established tech companies representing Armenia. As deputy director of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE) of Armenia noted, such events enable to find cooperation areas with different foreign companies.Cooperation offers were made following the event, with many participants voicing readiness to attend Armenia’s DigiTech business forum.

Armenia’s IT growth to remain same, UITE says
ARKA Telecom
Armenia’s IT growth will remain at the last year 25% level in 2013, executive director of Union of IT enterprises (UITE) Karen Vardanyan said. “I see no precondition for a regression”, Vardanyan said. According to him, the only problem able to slow down the growth is the lack of professionals, “yet, everything is done to overcome the problem”

Approximately 40-50% of large businesses and state agencies in Armenia refused to use pirated software
ARAK Telecom
To date, approximately 40-50% of large businesses and state agencies in Armenia refused to use pirated software and switched to licensed products, Grigor Barseghian, head of Microsoft Armenia, said to a news conference today. “Many people have come to realize the threats stemming from use of pirated software, because if five years ago all these threats looked something virtual, today, due to unprecedented increase in access to Internet, they are coming to the fore,” he said.



Armenian-Indian Center for Excellence in ICT and Enterprise Incubator Foundation are holding trainings
Enterprise Incubator Foundation


Imagine Cup Armenia 2013 student competition is launched 

Imagine Cup Armenia 2013 student competition is launched. The winner team of the Armenian Final will represent Armenia at the Imagine Cup World Final in Sankt-Petersburg, Russia in July 2013. Read more here

Synopsys Armenia hosts the students

Synopsys Armenia hosted the students of State Engineering University of Armenia (SEUA) High School establishing a new initiative aimed at developing the IT in the country.Read more here

The 61st issue of electronical record byArAS

The 61st issue of electronic record (Aras News) by Armenian Astronomical Society is published.It is published eight times a year and is delivered to Armenian astrologists from all over the world. Read more here

Academicroom winning the nomination of one of the best scientific web sites

Academicroom is a social platform which enables scientists, students and researchers to create their own pages, keep contacts with the colleagues, to be informed, etc. In 2012 it was represented to the Massachusetts auction of innovative technologies and won the nomination of one of the best scientific web sites. Read more by clicking here:

Armenia’s IT sector growth depends on number of professionals – expert

Information Technology (IT) is the only sector in Armenia where growth depends solely on the presence of respective specialists, Chairman Hovhannes Avoyan of the Association of Information Technology Enterprises stated during a press conference on Wednesday.  “If the personnel double, the output of the sector will double,” Avoyan said.

To this end, great attention will be given to Armenia’s education sector in 2013, with an objective of bringing several thousands of new specialists to the IT sector each year.

Facilitating the Development of Technological Entrepreneurship in Armenia

On March 20 EDMC brought together prominent players in Armenia’s technology field: the Union of IT Enterprises, the Association of Technologic Startups, the Enterprise Incubator Foundation, the Microsoft Innovation Center, the SME Development National Center, and the Business Incubator at the Russian Armenian Slavonic University, in order to develop a general agenda for the further development of technological entrepreneurship in Armenia.
Within the past few years, numerous competitions and initiatives have been launched by these organizations to promote start-up creation and high-tech entrepreneurship in Armenia, such as the Startup Cup, ArmRobotics, Imagine Cup, Open Game Championship, Startup House, STEP – Science Technology Entrepreneurship Program’s Startup Bootcamp and Venture Conference.

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