GDG DevFest Armenia 2014

GDG DevFest Armenia 2014, biggest Google related event,  will be held 22-23th of November at TUMO Center for Creative Technologies. If you want to be part of this great event as a speaker you knocked at the good door.

Presenters – who should speak at the DevFest Conference?

  • developers (freelance and hired)
  • companies developing software (apps, tools, frameworks etc.)
  • research institutions with Google relevant activities
  • companies, organisations and individuals using Google technologies

Current Spekars see:

Themes and topics – what do we expect?

Our team prepared set of interesting topics in but if you have any cool idea you want to share not from this list, feel free to submit it as well.


Google I/O 2014

  • Material Design
  • Migration to ART
  • New Android Camera API
  • New Job Scheduler
  • Storage Access Framework
  • Elevation & Clipping


  • Android Continuous Integration
  • Loaders, Cursor Adapters
  • Android Animations
  • Patterns in Android development
  • AngularJS (1x and 2.0)
  • Dart (AngularDart, server-side)
  • Polymer and WebComponents
  • Material Design in Web
  • ChromeOS (apps development)
  • Web Performance (tools, techniques, approaches)
  • Google Cloud Platform
    • Compute Engine
    • App Engine
    • Storages (SQL, NoSQL, BigData)
    • APIs
  • Go (as a language for a Cloud Ready Apps)
Startups and Entrepreneurship
  • Success Stories
    • Your awesome technology
    • Interesting technics and data
  • Your own interesting topic regarding tech startups

GDG commnity message for conference, hackathon and workshops:

“The biggest Google related event in the country carefully crafted for you by GDG community. Awesome speakers and lot’s of fun! Full-day of workshops, hands-on experience, hacking and debugging. Come and tame your favourite technology. Full-day free-style hackaton! Want some real teambuilding on sunday? Grab your team and join our hackathon”.

Source: GDG DevFest website