ArmTech Congress 2013 - The Future is Now!

Those attending ArmTech Congress 2013 in Yerevan, Armenia could really smell change was in the air. The seventh edition of the Congress was remarkably more impressive than the previous ones. The Armenian Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector has been growing at over 20% per year in the recent years. And this growth is attracting more and more heavyweights of the industry. was there to bring you the main highlights:

  • Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan gave a fine speech touching on all right points. It is good to see a government official be aware of the importance of creating an ecosystem composed of key stakeholders: universities, companies, government and investors. He reinforced the strategic importance of the sector for Armenia
  • Synopsys Armenia CEO Rich Goldman emphasized the hard work that led Synopsys into becoming one of the leading technology companies in Armenia. More specifically, Mr. Goodman told us about the expansion of his activities: from increased partnership with universities to inviting all Armenian IT company employees to the tree planting initiatives.
  • Rostelecom president, Sergey Kalugin spoke about the investment plans for the $26 million dollars to be invested in Armenia until 2017 and later signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Prime Minister Sargsyan. One of the highlights of the memorandum was the creation of a Media Center in Gyumri.
  • Digital Pomegranate LLC co-founder Todd Fabacher gave a bold and impressive speech on the newly founded company’s plans to develop income generating opportunities for entrepreneurs in Gyumri by connecting them to the digital needs of small businesses around the world. Mr. Fabacher also signed an MOU with the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Armenia, Vahram Avanesyan to jointly develop cooperation efforts for the development of Gyumri.
  • UNIDO/Vienna Industrial Development Officer, Mr. Mark Draeck told us about his mandate to find clean tech investment opportunities in Armenia. Armenian entrepreneurs, what are you waiting for to pitch him with your ideas and projects?

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