Armenia will host World Congress on Information Technology in 2019

YEREVAN, March 9. Armenia will upgrade its world rating in IT area by hosting the World Congress of Information Technology in 2019 (WCIT 2019), Armenian Economy Minister Karen Chshmarityan said Monday after signing an agreement to hold the congress in Yerevan.
The agreement was signed by Jim Poisant, Secretary General at The World Information Technology & Services Alliance (WITSA), Karen Vardanyan, CEO of the Union of Informatino Technology Enterprises (UITE), and Hayk Chobanyan, head of UITE Expo company.
«It is necessary to embark on preparations for the congress just now, and appropriate organizations signed an agreement today for that laying groundwork for organization of the event,» Chshmarityan said.
In his words, UITE is one of a few IT organizations in Armenia which present the country in the world.
The minister pledged governmental support in conducting this conference.
Karen Vardanyan, on his side, said that the Congress of Information Technology is a quite large event, which gathers about 2,500 delegates from 80 countries and includes also a special exhibition for presenting advanced solutions.
«It is a high privilege and responsibility to us to host the congress, and we hope it will give a new impetus to information technology development in Armenia,» he said.
Jim Poisant said that representatives of at least 60 countries are expected to attend the congress in Yerevan.
He said the congress delegates will present the latest world achievements in information technology and added that Armenia has been chosen for the serious attention paid to IT development here.
The decision to choose Armenia for WCIT 2019 was made at WCIT-14 held from September 29 to October 1 in Mexico.
As the leading recognized voice of the global ICT industry, WITSA aims to drive transformation and grow the industry given that ICT is the key driver of the global economy: advocating international public policies that advance the industry’s growth and development; facilitating international trade and investment in ICT products and services through its global network of contacts; promoting industry cooperation and strengthening national associations through the sharing of knowledge, experience and critical information; working closely with internationally recognized organizations to promote and facilitate growth;  awarding signature events – WITSA World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) and WITSA Global Policy Action and Trade Summit (GPATS) – to member countries from around the world and organizing Global ICT Rxcellence Awards to recognize outstanding ICT users.
Armenia’s Union of Information Technology Enterprises was established in 2000 for protecting IT companies’ economic interests, spurring development of IT businesses and promoting researches in this area.