Armenia StartUp Cup 2013 Final

 As it is said every end is the beginning of something new. This is exactly the case with the Armenia StartUp Cup 2013 final award ceremony on November 19, 2013 which at the same time launched  the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Armenia.

Betchili, Brainy Beans, Forkize, Green Bike Delivery,, Online Taxi and Talin Dolls: these are the names of 7 finalists, who were chosen out of 48 teams participating in this year’s cup, which was laucnhed on July 10, 2013.
This year the organizers set 3 winning places and a grand prize to award 4 teams out of 7 finalists.
Hayk Asriyants, Armenia StartUp Cup organizer, opened the ceremony inviting the finalists to represent their projects to the guests. Here are the finalists with corresponding project descriptions:
Betchili- is a social betting  game will be integrated in sporting, entertainment and bookmaker affiliated websites and will enable users to bet by using free virtual coins on real games with real odds taken from bookmakers, without monetary expectations.
Brainy Beans- Group English classes for 3-10 year-olds, which educate and entertain through unique methods tested in the UK, using all the child’s senses.
Forkize- is a split database testing analytical tool. Provides the data necessary for the best decisions made regarding offered products and services. Forkize tests costs against multiple groups and report the best results.
Green Bike Delivery-  Delivery service using bikes without polluting the atmosphere.
My Sales- is an all-purpose, user-friendly platform for the promotion of existing retail businesses and their collections. The website and the mobile application spread information about the sales and invite the buyers to the stores. The company’s mission is to improve the quality of taxi services in Armenia. Through the strong customer-oriented attitude and employment of high technologies in placing and dispatching of orders, allows customers to choose the preferred taxi cab and driver, as well as calculate the price of desired routine.
 Talin Dolls - provides the means for women to create hand-crafted dolls and profit from their work. The women that work on this project are from the villages that surround the town of Talin. This project allows the women to work from home and it has a major potential for expansion.

After the short presentation of each team H. Asriyants invited last year finalists to share their experience as StartUp Cup 2012 winners. Both team from the previous cup were involved in business already earning money and providing jobs, which is a main concern in Armenia.
And here, after applauding last year  winners it was high time to announce Armenia StartUp Cup 2013 heros. Here are the winners:

1st PLACE: Betchili
2nd PLACE: Brainy Beans
3rd PLACE: Green Bike Delivery

The winners received prizes from Ameria Group and One Armenia, and the Grand Prize winner will receive special prizes from LegalLab | Law Boutique and Demobakery! was media partner for Armenia  StartUp Cup 2013 and has chosen its favorite team to award. With the sponsorship of Digital Pomegranate awardes  Talin Dolls (Talin WRC) a free website developed by Digital Pomegranate with 2 years of free service!

For the final note the good news is World StartUp Cup will be held in Yerevan Armenia in March, 2014. Follow and stay informed!

Here you can see StartUp Cup founder Sean Griffin’s  message to Armenia StartUp Cup Award Ceremony participants: