To believe…

98 years have passed and the Armenian people…

still believe this tragedy needs to be recognized by the world,

still believe justice is needed for past sins,

still believe the promises.

Who do you believe the Armenians are today?

A  civilization with thousands of years of history and civilization, known for it’s intelligence and endurance,

A small poor country with a population of 3 million,

A people with a diaspora of 6 million and high rate of migration away from what today is the Republic of Armenia?

The above descriptions are all true, but we believe in the first version. Armenians must never forget the past, but as the 100 year landmark quickly approaches, we must all believe that Armenia will be reborn from the ashes - stronger and more resilient, like the phoenix.

We believe that, by choosing the path of economic growth, Armenia can thrive once more. The Armenian people and their leaders must realize that true freedom will only come when the full creative potential of it’s people is unleashed. It is the only path out of poverty and oblivion.

We created and work diligently every day because we believe in a bright future for Armenia. We strongly believe that technology is one of the answers to our current economic struggles and we pledge to make a real difference. We ask you to join us and believe that

Free online education will create an army of IT professionals

Planting Entrepreneurial seeds today will grow into a forest

A thriving IT eco-system is only achievable by creating communities that network and work together

Armenian creativity and potential, expressed through IT solutions, can create both prosperity and global impact

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