Imagine Cup Armenia 2013 Final - And the winner is…

 In its March issue brought you the news regarding the launch of Imagine Cup Armenia 2013. The representatives of the organizing companies, “Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia”, “Microsoft RA” and USAID “Entrepreneurship Development and Market Competitiveness” (EDMC) project, expressed their readiness to help the teams and the participants to get prepared for the final. The teams had only three weeks to plan, develop and represent their innovative idea to attract the jury and to be the best among the participants.

The hard work of team members, mentors and advisers during those three weeks was going to be evaluated on April 12.
Yeva Hyusyan, director of “Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia” opened the ceremony thanking everybody for their presence, contribution and support: “Thank you everyone for taking the courage and putting the energy, I really appreciate this”.

Afterwords the teams were welcomed to make their presentations. Here is the list of participating teams:

  1. Revotech team with Smart home project
  2. miXoft team with Paint the music project
  3. Lionsharp solutions with Voiceboard project
  4. Letsein team with Smart drive project
  5. Megamind team  with “Power talk” mini chat system
  6. Up-and-coming engineers team with Phone trading system project
  7. Gignut team with Forkize project

All projects were very innovative. It was clear that both participants and mentors worked hard. One was trading over the phone, another one was able  to switch on and off the electronic devices at home being far from it and other even “painted” the music (a way to paint on a mobile device and then convert the painting into music). But of course only, ONE TEAM was going to WIN. This is why life is interesting.

The jury members discussed the projects, made suggestions and posed questions to participants after each presentation. They wanted to understand the core points of the presentations in order to make a decision. A short and, at the same time,  a long and torturous break followed the presentations. The jury was given time to choose and the teams were given time to suffer and to guess the winner.

During the break spoke to Lionsharp team to learn their feelings and expectations. “We are participating with the hope and expectation to win. Some people say participation is already a victory, but for our team it is not enough. Anyway, if the winner is not Lionsharp, we will support and help any winning team , because this is a matter of representing Armenia abroad”.

Finally the torturous break was over. John, Heffern, Ambassador of the United States to the Republic of Armenia, attended the awarding ceremony part of the event. He greeted the teams, talked to each of them and congratulated everybody on participating.

So it was the turn to announcing the WINNER: VOICEBOARD project by LIONSHARP SOLUTIONS!!!!

Voiceboard is a voice recognition board based on Kinect technologies. It will facilitate brainstorming, creative interaction and team discussions through voice and gesture commands.
We should note here that the team has already received their first round of funding from the Bulgarian Eleven Venture Fund. Due to this financial support it launched its company and now functions as a solutions provider company.

According to Y. Hyusyan, the team is ready to represent Armenia at the international level. She noted that Lionsharp Solutions has energy, potential and much needed skills to be one of the best ones among other participants from all over the world.
In July the team will participate at the Imagine Cup World Final in Saint Petersburg, Russia. congratulates Lionsharp Solutions. We wish to have amazing news to tell our readers after Imagine Cup World Final in July.