Armenia StartUp Cup

StartUp Cup is a global network of locally driven business model competitions open to any type of business idea. It can be replicated in any community and is a proven model to create viable businesses, grow jobs, and enhance entrepreneurial ecosystems.
First Armenia StartUp Cup was organized in August, 2012. The Armenia StartUp Cup business model competition is open to any type of business idea. Entrepreneurs who compete in the Armenia StartUp Cup are rewarded for turning their idea into a viable business model, going to market quickly, testing assumptions, and modifying their business model as they learn what drives customers and revenue.


549956_602060159808482_561806503_nInterview with Hayk Asriyants

Armenia StartUp Cup organizer

Our team had chance to interview Armenia StartUp Cup organizer, Hayk Asriyants, the young initiator of this great event.  Read More…

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