- Armenian IT Career Portal career portal has been created and introduced by Altacode back in 2009 to assist in the development of ICT sector and workforce in Armenia. It’s an IT community portal where companies can access the resume bank and search employees for their job vacancies, and job seekers are given the opportunity to browse job postings, view company profiles and post resumes.


To further enhance the quality of our services, complete redesign and restructuring of portal has been undertaken in 2014. The goal is to make collaboration between employers and job seekers even more fast and easy. Improved user experience, additional features and add-ons accompanied with modern design come to assist local IT community in career endeavors and further professional growth. The team believes in high potential and leading role of local IT industry for the future of Armenia! talked to Narine Harutyunyan, Marketing Manager. Find the interview below! When career portal founded ? How was th initiative born and what is the idea behind it? Who are the founders?Narine-Harutyunyan

Narine Harutyunyan: was founded back in 2009. Altacode has launched it to assist in the development of ICT sector and workforce in Armenia. Initiator and founder of this website was CEO and Director of Altacode, Edgar Hambaryan, backed up with enthusiastic team of developers. Please describe the platform. How does it work for companies and individual specialists?
Narine Harutyunyan: has been designed as an IT community portal where companies can access the resume bank and search employees for their job vacancies, and job seekers are given the opportunity to browse job postings, view company profiles and post resumes. In addition, news feed has been added to highlight major local and international trends in IT.  All services were free of charge for 5 years: registration of companies, job postings, resume submission… Recently we’ve launched upgraded version of with new features, add-ons and improved user experience. We’ve improved process of posting IT jobs, internships and trainings.  Users will enjoy a fast posting process. All services for Job seekers remain free of charge, while job postings for companies shall be paid for. Yet, we offer below average rates in the market. As’s current issue is dedicated to IT Careers in Armenia, we would like to get some statistics on what jobs are more popular and what specialists are most demanded in today’s IT job market.
Narine Harutyunyan: Demand for IT specialists grows year by year in Armenia. IT announcements in the market, as well as in recruitment websites account for over 35%. There is a special statistics section in our website, , which clearly shows that currently programmers are required the most with over 50%, testing (QA) specialists come as second with 26%, and these are followed by the network administrators with around 14%. Current demand for web and graphic designers, database management specialists is also high. In comparison, the demand for managerial positions is much less in IT sphere. Do you agree that mobile developers will be the most demanded IT workers in 2015? Are they as demanded in Armenia as all over the world?
Narine Harutyunyan: As per IT researchers, cloud computing, mobile applications and social applications are still the most important trends within the ITO market for 2015. Another trend that has increased in importance is ‘big data’. So taking into account still booming demand for mobile & social apps in market, demand for mobile developers in Armenia also will be high.
itjob-am As we all know there are a lot of vacancies and a lack of specialists in Armenian IT market. What do you think what the country needs to do to grow the needed specialists? Do we need the reforms in the secondary schools or higher educational institutions to direct the youth on their career path?
Narine Harutyunyan: Yes, we really face serious problems with IT specialists in Armenia, especially with senior level people. Companies have difficulties in scalability, especially if there is no time to take juniors and train them. Actually there is no problem with interns and juniors, you can always get pool of interested students, because there is really high interest towards IT and programming. Mainly because programmers’ jobs have high demand and high salaries. The issue is that companies are investing in trainings and internships, but very soon programmers with just 2 years of experience are starting to look for moving outside of Armenia. And unfortunately we do have really high outflow of mid-senior developers… As for problems with education, this topic is endless. First of all, we have to admit that our reforms in the secondary school education system were very unsuccessful. We’ve distracted soviet educational system, which has been considered one of the best in the world, and substituted it with not-polished and not-well-thought-of mixture of EU & US systems. Current schoolbooks are of very poor quality, uninteresting, too heavy in information, making pupils to dislike the subject and the learning process in general. And didactic methodology, all these tests and multiple  choice based exams are promoting just mechanical “memorization” and  killing creativity and thinking in our young generation. As for higher education, especially in IT, still the picture is that local IT companies are forced to take on- board 3-4 year students and provide them with internship programs and on-the-job trainings, because our universities does not provide sufficient level of practical knowledge in IT. To enhance the quality of local ICT workforce Altacode in 2011-12 opened “IT Center” – special training courses from beginner to advanced levels, conducted by Altacode senior specialists.  Each summer we provide Internship programs for students of 3-4 courses of technical faculties of Armenian universities. We used to have student teams working on part-time basis, assisting in their career endeavor and further professional growth. Do you have some advices for our fellow readers who are seeking a job or doing their first steps in IT career path in Armenia?
Narine Harutyunyan: First advise is for high school and university students – please, don’t waste your time  - try to get the most from your academic studies and try to couple it with practical experience. Don’t wait until your graduation – after second year in uni try to get involved in internships programs. Also master your English skills – it’s almost mandatory requirement for current IT market. And last but not least – try to change your mindset  - in IT you don’t need to go abroad to work with international team, clients, projects… You are needed here and you can really achieve high success in Armenia … Do you have anything to add relevant to our topic?
Narine Harutyunyan: At Altacode, we’re committed to the bright future of Armenian IT and we believe that all together we can surely make it.