Open Source + Kickstarter sucess = LiveCode

Why would a software company make its flagship product (a development environment) free? Why choose to open source? The answer is simple: because it was the only way to achieve their vision. The owners of RunRev, the creators of the LiveCode cross-platform programming environment, want everyone to be able to code. And they believe that coding should be easy and accessible. So to make their vision come true, they decided to open their software to the world in exchange for funding so they could finish the re-engineering of the platform. Check out the You can see the original LiveCode Kickstarter page. The result? The project was one of the top 10 most successfully funded technology projects ever on Kickstarter! Here are the numbers:

      • Achieved 141% of the £350,000 target, reaching £493,795
      • More than 3,300 backers
      • All of this in just 30 days

 What did they do to succeed?

1. Created a Great Video to tell their story:


2. Use Social Media to get the message out

By using social media and encouraging other to so the same, this will give a crowd-funding project the exposure exposure that is REQUIRED! Remember that you only have limited time frame, so getting mass exposure is critical. LiveCode already had a community, but to get thousands of backers, you will need to expand outside your network.

3. Offer a Range of Rewards and Pledge Amounts

We posted most of there options here because we feel a key to their success was offer option from simply a few pounds to thousands of pounds. Staying true to their nature, they made a difference by giving options:

Pledge £3 or more [332 backers]
Thank You for your Pledge - Everyone at RunRev loves you! All Backers receive the Full Community Edition of LiveCode once the project is delivered + a KICKSTARTER BACKER BADGE on the LiveCode forums ( We invite you to join our forums where you can discuss the project and interact with the Development Team. Approx $5 USD

Pledge £12 or more ]783 backers]
£3 Reward Tier + Full access to our successful GAME ACADEMY, our highly acclaimed APP ACADEMY & BRAND NEW for KICKSTARTER: MAKE THE SHEEP HERDER GAME ACADEMY + a BEHIND THE SCENES DOCUMENTARY on the MAKING OF LIVECODE. With over 70 videos, sample scripts and assets, you will have everything you need to get started creating your own apps! (Academies Delivered in March & Documentary Delivered in May 2013.) Approx $20 USD

Pledge £22 or more [860 backers]
£12 Reward Tier + APP ACADEMY EBOOK. Get the entire App Academy as a handy printable PDF eBook, filled with pages of content on how to create your app, access device features and so much more. Approx $35 USD

Pledge £33 or more [425 backers]
£22 Reward Tier + Attend NEW ONLINE ACADEMY. Take part in Live Webinars with our experts choosing between courses ‘How to build a new eBook Based Game’ or ‘Building a Database/Cloud App’. (Also available on replay recorded.) Approx $55 USD

Pledge £55 or more [24 backers Limited (26 left of 50)]
£33 Reward Tier + High School Teacher Training 1 Day UK Workshop. Learn how to use LiveCode in your classroom. You must be able to travel to Edinburgh on the day of the Workshop. (Includes lunch, but not travel and accommodation costs).

Pledge £70 or more [334 backers]
£33 Reward Tier + LiveCode FULL COMMERCIAL LICENSE - 3 MONTHS for ALL Platforms! Use ANY TIME in 2013 to BUILD a CLOSED SOURCE app. Plus both NEW ACADEMIES (eBook, Database/Cloud), VIP FORUM BADGE and YOUR NAME in the LiveCode CREDITS. Approx $115 USD

Pledge £150 or more [66 backers]
£70 Reward Tier + 10 TEMPLATE APP GRAPHICS DESIGNS and a set of 50 GENERAL PURPOSE APP ICONS, complete with original PSD Files + 1x EXTERNAL of your choice from the MERGEXT COLLECTION + LIVECODE MOBILE DEVELOPMENT EBOOK by Colin Holgate + Limited Edition POSTCARD from the Team AND a Limited Edition LIVECODE EMBOSSED MOBILE PHONE SLEEVE Including FREE Worldwide Shipping. Approx $240 USD

Pledge £310 or more [112 backers]
£150 Reward Tier + 1 YEAR COMMERCIAL LICENSE ALL PLATFORMS (extends ANY license end date by 1 year for existing customers) + Limited Edition LIVECODE PLAYING CARDS full of Tips & Hints + Limited Edition “I KICKSTARTED LIVECODE” T-SHIRT! Approx $499 USD

Pledge £640 or more [84 backers Limited (916 left of 1000)]
£320 Reward Tier + SUPERCHARGED BUNDLE of COLLECTORS EDITION BOX Including: 1 YEAR COMMERCIAL LICENSE ALL PLATFORMS, New & Revised PRINTED LIVECODE SYNTAX DICTIONARIES with hundreds of updated language terms after final Kickstarter project delivery, Printed Edition LIVECODE MOBILE DEVELOPMENT BOOK by Colin Holgate PLUS our MARKETPLACE BUNDLE Including Commercial Licenses for: SQL YOGA, THE FULL SET OF MERGEXT EXTERNALS, ANIMATION ENGINE and MOBGUI. This Limited Edition Kickstarter-Only Box Set will include the First Edition of the Community Source Code + Commercial Edition Boxed Copy signed by the RunRev Team. Everything you need to create powerful commercial apps! Approx $1024 USD

Pledge £1,200 or more [16 backers]
£640 Reward Tier but with 3 YEAR COMMERCIAL LICENSE ALL PLATFORMS. (Replaces the 1 year license in lower tier.) Approx $1950 USD

Pledge £1,875 or more [2 backers Limited (28 left of 30)]
£640 Reward Tier + PREMIUM RUNREVLIVE2013 CONFERENCE TICKET - Including Luxury Accommodation. You must be able to travel to and attend the Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland from 14th to 17th of May 2013. (Does not include travel costs to and from the conference). Approx $3,000 USD

Pledge £2,400 or more [83 backers]
£640 Reward Tier + LIFETIME COMMERCIAL LICENSE ALL PLATFORMS for one named individual! (Replaces the 1 year Commercial LiveCode License in lower tier.) Approx $3900 USD

Pledge £3,125 or more [3 backers]
£640 Reward Tier + 1 YEAR ENTERPRISE LICENSE* - You will receive Commercial Source Access, Premium SLA based Technical Support and Priority Bug Fixes. (Replaces the Commercial LiveCode License in lower tier.) Approx $5,000 USD

Pledge £4,900 or more [3 backers Limited (2 left of 5)]
£3,125 Reward Tier + 2 Days in our Edinburgh Office with Chief Technical Officer, Mark Waddingham. The ideal package for assistance with the most advanced technical uses of LiveCode. (Travel not included.) Approx $7,850 USD

4. Showcased other successful people using the product

By showing that others were successfully using Live code, they were able to counter balance possible negative comments such that they were just using this campaign to cash out. On the Kickstarter campaign, the posted about how Alex Seropian and Tim Harris of Industrial Toys were using LiveCode and ecstatic with the results…View Post Here. We also interviewed Alex Seropian, an Armeican-Armenian, for this issue…View Interview Here.

5. Encouraged Comments and Communications

Both the backers and LiveCode team were heavily involved in the comment section. There are hundreds and hundreds of them. The great point here is that when a backer posted a question, the team responded quickly and professionally. Remember the 2 things to watch are time and confidence level of backers. Take a look at the comments and see how the community, backers and LiveCode team all pulled together to make this a true success…View Comment Page Here.