IT companies and startups in Gyumri

In 2010 the government of Armenia announced the project to transform Gyumri, Armenia into a center for technology development. The city was chosen to be the new birthplace of IT startups, taking into account the regional natural predisposition for technical sciences and the creative potential of the region’s population. The Gyumri Technopark project is under the framework of Gyumri Technocity initiative. The Technology Center building will be complete by early 2014, attracting dozens of IT companies to its progressive tech atmosphere. brings you first hand the list of IT companies and startups in Gyumri most of which are planning to move to the new Technopark building. 


After deciding to consolidate their research centers, D-Link selected Armenia as one of three global research centers, in addition to Taiwan and Russia. The cities of Gyumri and Yerevan were chosen to consolidate projects from around the world, including India. The Armenian employees mainly do software development for routers and other network devices.
The D-link Gyumri branch was founded in 2011 and the majority of the employees are engineer-programmers. On Jan 31,  2013 the Government of Armenia granted D-Link’s Armenian Office US$19.5 million worth of real estate in Gyumri for a 25-year US$6 million investment program to open a research and testing center. The $6 million investment assumes the construction of the new building, the technical equipment and the salary of the future employees for 10 years. The head of D-Link Armenia branch was quoted as saying, “The construction was never stopped, we ruined the old building which was on the area and we are building the new one.”
D-link, along with the Gyumri Technopark is expected to have a positive impact on the economic development of Armenia and especially Gyumri. First it will create jobs in Gyumri, Armenia’s second largest city, but it will also bring much needed global corporate experience to Armenian professionals. The Armenian Government is in talks with other IT multinationals so we can expect more initiatives to follow D-link’s.

Instigate Gyumri Branch

Instigate was one of the first IT companies, which opened up a branch and Gyumri and invites GITC first year students to join their team. Gyumri branch members are mostly busy with the same project as Yerevan branch. Besides Instigate organizes training courses to prepare students get ready for Instigate work.  Now the company employs more than 20 people and aims at involving more students in its projects.

Digital Pomegranate

Digital Pomegranate is an innovative company that has created an all-in-one cloud-based small business software solution, with all of the functionality they need: a website, e-commerce, Marketing, CRM, SEO, public relations, social media functionality and much more. Besides the website builder tool, Digital Pomegranate offers the following design services: graphic design, video, animation, presentation, infographics and ebook creation and editing.

A network of Armenian specialists is being carefully developes to cater those functionalities. The goal is to transform Gyumri into a major tech hub, by providing tech-enabled income opportunities for hundreds of people. The people of Gyumri are given the opportunity to join the network and compete for digital services on a global level. The company believes in the creativity of the people from Gyumri, the birthplace of most renowned Armenian artists and artisans.

Corpors Lab

Corpors Lab LLC Gyumri branch was founded on November 2012 for the development of IT in the  northern part of Armenia. Corpors Lab is the Gyumri branch of the web development company based in Russia. The company started to develop a local team by training 15 students in the Gyumri Information Technologies Center (GITC) ( The instructor, Aram  Harutyunyan is team developer at GITC Solutions.  After passing the recruiting process, GITC students Melanya Hovhannisyan, Volodya  Avetisyan and Hayk Sarukhanyan started working in Corpors Lab Gyumri branch as interns.

Now company is going to growth its activities by bringing new members into its family. Starting  from July 1, 2013 Melanya Hovhannisyan, Volodya Avetisyan and Hayk Sarukhanyan will continue  working in Corpors Lab Gyumri branch as employees. The company is going to realize another training course for GITC students to involve other another batch of interns into company’s activities.


Maxarts is a design/development company based in Gyumri. Main directions of the company activities are web design and development, graphics design, corporate design, website and server support. The team creates unique solutions for its customers taking into account both customer needs and strategies developed by the team itself. Maxarts is doing simple and at the same time effective solutions for their customers. The young team is moving forward with “Perfection does not have boundaries” slogan. The team is working to have creative and unique approach to each of the projects sent to them. Here are some examples taken from Maxarts protfolio: , , , , , ,, etc..


Technopol specializes in the production of stands for educational and research laboratories and supporting them with modern IT programs. In addition to exporting, the company’s specialists are able to design and produce any equipment or industrial machine for the needs of local industries in Armenia. Technopol provides the following services:

* Production of educational demonstrative stands and development of appropriate methodical work.

* Design and production of machinery and equipment according to the client’s requirements or technical task.

* Design and production of machinery according to the client’s sketch

* 3D modeling and working drawing



GTECH Solutions

GTECH Solutions (GTECH) was founded in Gyumri, Armenia in 2010 in order to leverage the expertise and outsourcing potential of graduates from the Gyumri Information Technologies Center (GITC), which was established in 2005.

Under the leadership of GTECH’s highly-skilled technology and business management team, select GITC graduates are outsourced to development projects and/or brought into technology teams inside Armenia or internationally throughout the world.Given the number of projects sourced from the U.S., GTECH has an Off-Shore Development Director to coordinate the project with Armenia and maintain close communication with clients. This Off-Shore Director is an IT specialist with significant experience and a strong reputation in project management and information technology. GTECH works in collaboration with numerous Armenian and American high-tech companies and has developed numerous business partnerships. The growth of these partnerships is due not only to the growing need for technical expertise but GTECH’s and GITC’s strong positioning in the IT industry.

Seismic Technologies  

Seismic Technologies designs and produces comprehensive seismic sensors which incorporate 3-axis sensor components enabling the sensor to measure both the speed and the acceleration of an earthquake. This device, developed by the company’s seismologists, is compact and more affordable than existing seismic sensors in the market. Seismic Technologies was the winner in the business model competition 2010 organized by the Gyumri Economic Development Foundation. The device can be used in stationary seismic stations and in engineering seismology to determine the stability of water-storage tanks, dams and other engineered structures.


Solart’s has a corporate message We love to make your life more energy efficient. It’s the number one reason why Solart exists. It was one of the winning teams for the business idea competition organized by Gyumri Economic Development Foundation in 2011 and was awarded 14 million AMD to start the company.

The company offers complete solutions for making life more energy efficient such as solar water heating solutions, solar area lighting solutions and solar water pumping.

      It also provides the following services:

* Feasibility studies

      * Energy efficiency consultation
      * Installation & service
      * R & D



Mobile Solutions

The company was founded in 2013. It is based in Gyumri IT center and GITC students are team members of Mobile Solutions. The company provides mobile solutions for the following fields:

- Agriculture
- Tourism
- e-commerce
- Healthcare
- Sales and marketing
- Manufacturing
- Games
- Entertainment
- Social networking
- Education
- Restaurants
- Online business or e-commerce

“Digital Printing” ( is an application developed by Gyumri Information Technologies Center (GITC) ( mobile team ( members Lusine Khachatryan and Anahit Manukyan. The application is an Augmented Reality (AR) based application developed for iPhones/iPads. It allows users to receive additional information about “Amazing Armenia” book ( you run the application automatically turns on phone’s the camera. By holding the phone onto the image, application adds additional digital information - videos, images or 3D figures - directly on top of original image. Also one can read “Amazing Armenia” book through the app, share it on Facebook, Twitter and send email, message or print.

Through the map, users can see the points of all temples and monasteries that are included in the book. Also by clicking on a point of interest, users can find directions on how to get there, see more images of the selected monastery and read its description.

This is not all, but these are the first records of the steps Gyumri is taking to become a future technocity. These companies will help strengthen the ecosystem that is being built by opening job places for Gyumri students involved in IT and related fields. Besides they are giving the hope… technology is opening new doors to Gyumri.