Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts

 ”Fine Art is that in which the hand, the head and the heart of a man go together.”

John Ruskin

Nobody will teach you to be creative. but Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts can help you develop designer skills and think creatively. This is the main school in Armenia where designers are prepared at a professional level. It was founded in 1945 in Yerevan, and later in 1997 opened up its branches in Gyumri and in Dilijan.

This is a unique place for talented young people to g et higher education in Fine Arts and to be trained by professional artists. As June issue is dedicated to graphics design, we visited the faculty of Design and Decorative Applied Art to learn more how web design is taught there. It turns out that web design is taught by the chair of Applied Art and Graphics Design in the department of Computer Design. The students are taught three main courses: polygraph basics, 3D modeling and web design. The courses are carried out in technically equipped classrooms and halls.

The school provides both a bachelor and a master program. The students get a specialization of a designer and, from their graduation papers, one can find out which of those three specialization the student chose as a main one.

According to V. Balasanyan, students are taught all basics of design and study different branches of it without concentrating just on one. But the graduation paper theme comes to define their specialization and preference of a given sector of design. “At the end of the bachelor program the students are mature and aware enough to choose a field which they like best and feel comfortable in”, concludes the professor.

Generally all subjects  and courses taught here are mostly connected with the main profession. The academy tries to teach needed and basic skills and to prepare flexible and skillful designers.
“Our main goal is to prepare educated and specialized designer. And it is up to them to choose a specialization, be it a web design, 3D modelling or something else”, notes V. Balasanyan.

YAFA students design

Each year, 15-20 students graduate from the computer design department and according to the lecturers most of them find jobs: “The designers’ community is not that expanded here in Armenia, we know almost all our colleagues and fellow designers. So if a student is skillful and smart enough, he gets a job easily”, states Vahan Balasanyan, web design professor and adds, “I myself often invite my colleagues and design studio owners to be present at our events or to graduation paper thesis evaluations to find some good specialists among our students”.

Best students of YAFA become members of Designers Union of Armenia which helps to get into designers community and opens up new opportunities. At the beginning, the students are taught Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D Max and other tools. They also learn to build up a portfolio which is of supreme importance for a designer.

To our question if the faculty follows modern trends and keeps up with the world class level, V. Balasanyan answers: “Of course we are trying to keep up with modern trends, but here it is worth mentioning that design trends change rapidly in the world. Before we also taught programming at this faculty, but year by year the trends changed and we concluded that it is better to concentrate on design and to prepare better designers who are also able to communicate effectively with the developers and to collaborate at a professional level “,sums up V. Balasanyan.

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